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The Orange Design Sketchbook Line is a product of LayFlat Sketchbooks. We maintain a rule that holds true:
"Only The Simple Works!"
This is what we mean. You don't need extravagant covers, you need an easily identifiable book, a durable product and the finest printed lines that a standard page can offer. With Orange Design Sketchbooks, that's exactly what you get!

Designed specifically for our creative customers, our catalogue offers simply the best product for studios, schools as well as creative web and graphics developers and those who are simply brimming with creativity. (Also because our founder, Joe Dolan, loves notebooks!)

Here is a breakdown of the Orange Design Sketchbook Line:
It doesn't get any more simple than that!
If you have a flair for design in the Fashion Field, Music or other design fields, hop on over to any of our other company websites and view more titles there.
LayFlat has provided Fashion Design Titles for schools and design students the world over. Featuring unique and professional croquis template designs in male and female styles, fashion flats, make-up design sketchbooks and more - we have created a cornerstone that is unmatched in the marketplace. The sketchbooks that fashion designers use to create the looks of tomorrow are on the pages of LayFlat Sketchbooks today!

To view the Fashion Sketchbook Line, visit:
Throughout the Music Industry, students and professionals alike use our books to lay down the ideas thye have for every conceivable instrument they can play. We feature more than 60 titles for songwriters and the catalogue continues to grow! If you write music, chances are you've written it in one of our sketchbooks.

Check out the catalogue of music notebooks here:
Our catalogue continues to expand in diversity and we're grateful that our customers enjoy what we provide. For any inquiries on wholesale purchases, title set-up or creating your own personal line of books, use the contact page to reach us directly!
As always, thank you for choosing our sketchbooks!